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About Ninatec

About Us


 Did you know Ninatec was the first company on the internet specialising in Laptop Repairs?

Back in 1995 our team was the only company on the internet in the UK attending callouts for computer repairs.  In 2001 we began repairing laptops and aquired That website still links to us for laptop repairs in London even though we sold the site some years ago. With this vast experience and over 9000 happy customers we are adapting to meet our clients needs. Laptops Computers ipads tablets phablets you name it we repair it.

The Best Of Professionals

  • James Davis

    James Davis has been repairing laptops for 16 years. back in 1995 he...

  • Ashley Davis

    Ashley Davis has been working for Ninatec for 7 years. Ashley takes care...

Why Choose Us

16 years experience in Laptop Repairs
We were the very first company on the net repairing laptops. We have more knowledge not just of electronics but the care and experience needed to open laptops and tablets.

Fixed priced repair services
When you take your laptop or tablet in to a repair company you expect them to give you a fixed price or repairs can go up and up in price. Thats why we give you a fixed price before all repairs.

Based in Canary wharf
We are the only company based in Canary wharf specializing in Laptop repairs. We are true laptop specialists.For the best advice on repairing your laptop and saving data if needed give us a call today.


We Can Perform Data Recovery